Andiker Dog Snuffle Mat for Dogs Training


The Dogs Interactive Puzzle Toys is

  •  motivate your dog’s sense of smell.
  •  meet their curiosity.
  • Pet Slow Feeding Training
  • encourages your dog has to eat slowly.
  •  prevent digestive problems.
  •  consumes your dog’s energy and lose its weight.
  • Environmentally Friendly and Non-Toxic
  • mat is handmade and made of polar fleece.
  •  You can wash it by hand or washer-machine.
  • Easy to Use and Store


Dogs Interactive Puzzle Toys This snuffle mat for dogs mimic the hunt for food in grass and fields, which satisfies a dog’s natural instinct and motivate your dog’s sense of smell.

Making your dog use its nose and brain to hunt for food. Your pet definitely likes to play and search on the Dog Puzzle Toys, just meet their curiosity.

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