Dog Backpack Saddle for Traveling Walking Camping Hiking


Dog Backpack Saddle Bag Adjustable Pack Reflective Rucksack Carrier for Traveling Walking Camping Hiking

  • Size M-1.9lb
  •  Chest(58-88cm/22.8-34.6in)
  • Capacity 14L; L-2.2lb, Chest(74-104cm/29.1-40.9in)
  • Capacity 19L.
  • Backpack and dog harness 2 in 1.
  • Sliding two fingers in-between your dog’s neck and bust, keep about 2-3 cm room


The reflective line can reflect the rim to ensure good visibility, especially at night on the road.

It waterproof durable,scratch-resistant polyester material outer layer.

The handle in the middle of the back makes it easy to help dogs up and over obstacles.

It has sponge padding, mesh soft lining.