Pet Travel Carrier is the way to drive around. According to American Humane, an estimated 100,000 dogs die each year riding in truck beds. And that’s not even taking into account all of the other injuries veterinarians see from dogs being driven around in the back of pick up trucks.

And your dog jumping or tumbling out isn’t the only risk. Flying rocks and debris can cause serious injury, and all that wind can cause irritation and blow grit into their eyes. Even with a bed cap or harness, you don’t have complete control or immediate access if something were to go wrong. And you don’t have to be going very fast for it to be dangerous:

An unrestrained 10-pound dog in a crash at 50 mph will exert roughly 500 pounds of force, while an unrestrained 80-pound dog in a crash at only 30 mph will exert approximately 2400 pounds of force. – Dog Travel Statistics

It’s a dangerous way to transport your dog, and it’s also very distracting — for both the driver and those around him.

Driving is already risky enough — loose dogs in the back of pickup trucks is another unnecessary distraction. Many truck manufacturers have made their cabs big enough for your dog to ride in comfortably.

Is Driving With Dogs in Pickup Beds Legal?

In the U.S. riding with dogs in low pickup beds have been banned in a few states (California & Massachusetts) and jurisdictions, but in the vast majority of areas it’s not even illegal to transport children this way.

There are also some states such as Minnesota and Oregon that require dogs to be enclosed or cross tethered in pick up beds, but there’s almost always an exemption for farmers or those working in agriculture.

There Are Many Options Available, Don’t Risk It Use a Pet Travel Carrier

Besides risking an infraction when you drive with your dog in the back of your pickup truck you’re taking a big safety risk. Rather than having your dog ride freely in the back of your truck consider these options:

  • If you must drive with your dog in the pickup bed use a restrained crate
  • Use a harness or dog seat-belt to keep dogs safe in the backseat or pickup cab
  • Tether your dog with a short harness to ensure safety from strangulation and death
  • You can use a barrier to keep your dog in the cab or backseat
  • Dogs riding in the front seat can create distractions for the driver

A safer option is to safely secure a crate or “dog box” to the bed of the truck for your dog. Consider choosing a crate that is as enclosed as possible, to protect your dog from windchill and blowing debris (that could harm eyes and ears), while providing enough ventilation and shade for hot days. – Dogthusiast

In addition to regular harnesses, there are a few cross tethers available that can help secure a dog in place – though they still risk injury from debris when used in pickup beds. Keep in mind that there are no standards or uniform testing procedures on safety when it comes to dog restraint systems. For safety test results on various harnesses & carriers refer to the Center for Pet Safety.

So Please – Don’t Drive With Your Dog in the Back of Your Truck put him In A Pet Travel Carrier

Driving is risky enough as it is, and unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee you won’t get into an accident. Don’t let your pet become another driving distraction or statistic. You can reduce the risk of serious harm to your pets by not having them ride in the back of your truck.

You Can Help By Spreading The Word That Pet Travel Carrier Is Safety.

Not everyone is aware of how risky driving with dogs in pickup beds is — you can help spread the word. Don’t risk it, let’s help keep our pets safe.

This travel carrier offers every convenience possible while traveling with a dog.

Please check with the airline to make sure that it slides under the airline seat in front of you.

It can be used as a forward-facing backpack so that you are hands-free. The top handle can also carry it or you can pull it like a suitcase utilizing the rollers. 

It comes with a  detachable/washable cushion that lines the bottom and back for their comfort.

When you lay it down on the back to slide under the seat, your pet still has a cushion to lay on.  


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