Hi, my  name is Aracelis Suazo.

I grew up in New York with four brothers and a single mother.
However, life wasn’t easy for a single mom with five kids to feed, plus a dog.

The neighbourhood where I lived was not lousy, but the school I attended was perilous. Since my childhood, I have loved pets. I had a German shepherd named Lucky.

Unfortunately, my dog was accidentally poisoned by swallowing pieces of a toy he played with at the park. They did a stomach cleaning to remove everything he had eaten from his stomach. However, the material was so toxic that he didn’t make it. That incident destroyed me because he was only one year old.

After this incident, I continued studying and working simultaneously as a single mother. Due to my job, I have lived in different countries, so I didn’t think about getting another pet until I settled down in one country.

Things were going good until I decided to move to Italy, and here I have it to reinvent myself.   So I saw the possibility of achieving one of my goals of creating an online business that provides services to keep pets healthy, happy and safe. That is when Mia’s Premium Pet Products was born in 2018 to empower pet owners to make significant purchasing decisions for their favourite pets.

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