How To Choose The Right Raincoat. Is your canine companion all set for walkies? Heading outside for your dog, daily constitutionals routine isn’t always going to be a walk in the park. 

You are going outside—no matter how torrential the downpour—is just part of being a dog owner. 

Since most dogs aren’t exactly fans of wet weather, a comfy dog raincoat can make all the difference.

Wearing a waterproof coat doesn’t just prevent your dog’s fur from being drenched. But is a state that can leave her shivering and cold. 

So, it’ll also stop shaking off excess water inside the house when he comes back from a walk.

How To Choose The Right Raincoat For Your Four Legs Friend

When shopping for a waterproof dog raincoat, the most critical consideration should be the size. That is because not all manufacturers of dog raincoat are the same.

With some manufactures, your pet could fit small and large with others. It’s best to use your dog’s measurements as a guide to ends up with a perfect fit. 

The perfect dog jacket shouldn’t slip around the body or affect your dog’s ability to do her business. Since many dogs object to clothing, they need to be comfortable that they forget they’re wearing it.

How To Choose The Right Raincoat

Our dogs are eager to join us and explore the veritable playground that is the outdoors. Even when temperatures drop and the weather turns.

That’s why Ruffwear has spent years crafting a variety of jackets built to perform. No matter what winter throws your way. 

Having the right gear is essential for keeping our best trail buddies comfortable. And to extend the adventure.

But which style is right for your dog?

Much like the process, you go through to pick your own coat. Choosing a jacket for your dog comes down to a few key considerations. 

We’ll cover a couple of questions to help you get started. Then, watch the video and check out the chart below for a piece-by-piece comparison of our full line of jackets.

How To Choose The Right Raincoat The Coverage


Jackets with sleeves provide more coverage and more warmth. This style works well in freezing temps for short-haired dogs. 

That needs a little help staying warm, or for long-haired dogs who get snowballs that form on their underside.

For dogs with a varied shape (i.e., broader shoulders, thicker chest, neck, or legs), jackets without sleeves can sometimes be more comfortable to fit. 

And since they use buckles instead of zippers, they’re easy to put on – great for aging or squirmy dogs.


How To Choose The Right Raincoat for WARMTH AND WATERPROOFNESS

Winter has it all – cold temps, dry weather, mixed precipitation, powdery snow, blustery winds. Each Ruffwear coat has key features mindfully matched to take on the different challenges of exploring in winter weather. 

  • Waterproof/water-resistant material: great for rainy weather, wet snow conditions
  • High-loft, synthetic insulation: adds warmth in cold temps, dry snow.
  • Fleece lining: adds warmth and comfort—fully fleeced jackets (Fernie™, Climate Changer™). Work as standalone insulation in dry, cool conditions, or a layering piece in colder conditions.
  • Un-lined shells: suitable for mild temps, windy conditions, or light rain

Inclement weather or certain activities may call for a combination of these features, either in one jacket or as a layering system. 

The Ruffwear Sun Shower™ is a lightweight waterproof raincoat that keeps dogs comfortable and dry during wet weather adventures. 

The fold-up storm collar provides added coverage. And a non-insulated design makes the Sun Shower a great option in warmer climates. Side release buckles allow for easy on/off, while reflective trim enhances low-light visibility.

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