Interactive Toys with Hidden ComponentsThese Interactive Toys with Hidden Components come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes. But they all feature some sort of hidden treat or high-value toy.

 That is design to be difficult for your dogging to access. 

Some of these toys are mainly soft, plush “containers” that come with smaller gadgets. It often features a squeaker you’ll need to place inside.

 Your dog then has to use his smarts and his snoot to try to get them out. 

Others – such as snuffle mats — feature many nooks and crannies in which you can stash treats. Once again, your dog will have to sniff out the hidden prizes.

A few hidden-goodie toys don’t encourage your dog to dig for the delicious treats hidden inside. 

Interactive Tension Toys: Best for Tug-of-War-Loving Dogs and Pulling Puppy 

Tension dog toys are excellent playthings for dogs who love tug toys and vigorous tug-of-war contests with their peeps.

They’re relatively simple devices, featuring an enticing toy at one end. Some type of strong anchor to keep it in place, and a big ‘ole spring (or something similar) between the two. 

All you need to do is mount or place the toy, teach your dog to use it, and then get out of the way.

The springs will help the toy “respond” to your dog’s tugs, twists, and canine contortions. Different tension toys can be set up in different orientations, to provide a variety of play positions for your pooch. 

Not all dogs will find these toys stimulating, but those who like them often love using them for considerable periods.  

Best Interactive Toys with Hidden Components for Dogs with High Prey Drives 

These designs of interactive dog toys are to move.

 It will help stimulate your pet’s curiosity, and it’ll usually tickle your pet’s prey drive too. 

Mobile interactive toys come in a bunch of different styles. Some are self-contained units that feature wheels or some other locomotion method. Others feature one or more “lures” attached to something that moves.

As with electronic toys, some design works automatically (set them and forget them). Others are controlling via your computer or a smartphone app. 

The benefit of puzzle toys provides both mental exercise and enrichment for the pups.

Interactive Toys with Hidden Components

It challenges the dog’s problem and enhances mental engagement. It focusing excess of energy on something positive playful and fun prevents boredom.

These products have it “Pros” and “Cons” It can stimulate your dog. The squirrels are the perfect size for the mouth to hold and carry around for a game of catch.

However, keep in mind that if the dog left alone, he will absolutely shred this toy. This toy must be used with supervision all the time whether it is used interactively or just for fun.

This toy will definitely not hold a chewer without supervision. But when using interactively and with supervision, it is fun and will last a bit longer.

Interactive Toys with Hidden Components

One of the issues that we found is that the squirrels have quite a few seams and are easy to tear apart. There is not a whole lot of stuff so not a huge mess but a mess nonetheless.

The squeaker is just stuck in the stuffing without extra reinforcement or protection. So be aware of that if your dog likes to kill things that squeak.

One good thing is that you can buy replacement squirrels and they are not that expensive.

This product without supervision depending on your pet can be a hazard. Because some of these toys are made of thin strands inside therefore if the dog swallows it can be lodge in his throat.

We have found that by following certain regulations this toy can be a lot of fun.
It helps with BOREDOM dogs can become chewers.

This Interactive Toys with Hidden Components challenges your dog’s brain, keeping bored dogs occupied for hours!

This plush squeaky dog toy puzzle is also ideal for interactive dog games with you.


About: The Bob-A-Lot is a bowling-pin-like toy designed to slowly release treats or kibble as your pooch plays with it.

Large enough to hold a full meal’s worth of kibble (up to 3 cups), the Bob-A-Lot can work as an interactive toy or slow feeder. 

Interactive Toys with Hidden Components


Starmark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Pet Toy, Large


  • Exercises and feeds your dog at the same time
  • The Large bottom Chamber fits up to 3 cups of Food – enough for a full meal
  • Adjustable openings at the top and bottom accommodate most types of dog food and allow you to.
  • The weighted anti-slip base makes the toy wobble erratically enticing your dog to play.


Features: Made from rigid plastic, the Bob-A-Lot features a weighted, anti-slip base, which helps make it wobble in ways most dogs find interesting.

It comes with an adjustable port through which the treats will fall out when your dog shakes or rocks the toy. If your dog finds it too difficult to get this reward, simply make the opening larger; if it’s too easy, you can make the opening smaller. 

It’s easy to fill or empty the Bob-A-Lot — simply unscrew the top cap to access the interior compartment. You can get the Bob-A-Lot in two sizes: large and small.


The Bob-A-Lot enjoyed pretty positive reviews from most pup parents. The way it moves seems appealing to most dogs, and the adjustable port makes it easy to customize the difficulty level to suit your dog. Owners also loved how easy the toy is to load. 


Most owners liked the Bob-A-Lot, but a few complained that the toy was loud, but this is a relatively minor concern. 

West Paw Qwizl Interactive Toys with Hidden Components Puzzle Toy

The Qwizl Puzzle Toy is a combination of chew-toy/treat-dispenser designed to keep your canine busy and make your treats last longer.

Like many other West Paw toys, this one is built with durability in mind and backed by the manufacturer’s 100% guarantee against damage. 

Interactive Toys with Hidden Components


West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl Dog Puzzle Treat Toy – Interactive Chew Toy for Dogs.


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Features: In a nutshell, the Qwizl is a vaguely bone-shaped chew toy with a hollow compartment you can stuff full of treats.

Unlike many other dog food puzzle toys, the Qwizl’s compartment works with various treats, including bully sticks, dental chews, and kibble-like morsels. 

The Qwizl Puzzle Toy is made in US-based factories and from FDA-compliant materials. It is dishwasher safe, and you can even make sure it won’t end up in a landfill once you’re ready for a new one, thanks to West Paw’s recycling program. 

The Qwizl is available in three colors (Aqua Blue, Tangerine, and Granny Smith), and it comes in two sizes: Large and Small. The former has a ¾-inch opening, while the latter features a ½-inch opening. 


The Qwizl was a hit with most owners who tried it. Several power-chewing puppy parents reported that it held up to everything their canine’s teeth had to offer. A few specifically mentioned that it helped make treats last much longer. 


A minimal number of dogs were able to destroy the toy, but that happens with every toy on the market — no matter how “indestructible” it claims to be. It was tough enough for most power chewers, .though!

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