Dog Treat Dispenser Ball Toy


The tumbler foundation makes this toy stay in the same place, preventing it from rolling around everywhere.

The simple combination of the upper half part and the foundation make the toy easier to be disassembled.

Environment-friendly plastic is used for shaping the whole body, tough and odor-free, safe and easy to clean.

Totally four levels of adjustable treats exit allow you to control the treats depletion rate.


1 x Tumbler Food Dog Feeders


The dog treat dispenser ball toy is fun. There’s no debating the power of play in a dog’s life. But, beyond building the canine-human bond, it serves to mentally and physically stimulate the dog. (In other words, it tires them out!)

What can you do when you can’t be around to entertain your canine pal all day? How can you provide the physical and mental benefits of play when you’re not there?

That’s the magic of puzzle toys.

A puzzle toy is a general term for a device that can hold food or treats. The idea is to provide a physical and mental challenge. But, of course, the dog has to work for the reward.

It is a clever way to keep your dog from gulping down his food. Fast eaters run the risk of excess gas, bloating and other digestive upsets.

An active dog could benefit from the challenge of “working” for his food. And dogs that tend to eat their food too quickly. This toy is 3.9″ x 4.6″ and may not be suitable for large and giant breeds.

Whether you are looking to slow down a fast eater or introduce a fun challenge, this toy will provide mental stimulation and help burn off excessive energy.

Dog Treat Dispenser Ball To, Interactive Treat-dispensing Ball for Dogs & Cats,

Increases IQ and Mental Stimulation, Tumbler Design Easy to Clean

It has the following features:

  • Tumbler or rod design, lots of fun for the pets.
  • Good size and volume for putting snacks and food inside.
  • Easy to handle, open the cap, place food inside, screw it, and lock it; it’s not easy to break out.
  • Mall leaking outlet for snacks and food, keep your pet energetic, curious and clever.

No matter which type you choose, the common denominator is that it takes effort and engagement to win the prize.