Lift & Lead 4-In-1 Dog Harness



The Lift & Go Lead is one of this company’s top products they have been making high-quality, innovative pet care products for decades. And now you can help an ageing dog or one with limited mobility with just one piece of gear. The 4-in-1 Lift & Lead Harness allows you to gently lift your dog up the stairs, into the car or anywhere else. Even better, the carry strap works as a walking leash and the front harness easily converts into a walking harness. Please check the sizing guide to buy the correct size for your dog.

Suitable for senior dogs and those with arthritis, hip dysplasia and other mobility limitations

 Dog Support & Rehab Sling Harnesses – Padded Lifting Aid with Leash for Comfort & Control to Assist Old / Disabled Pets, Safely Recover from Knee / TPLO, Hip or Back Surgery. Made in the U.S.A.


Sometimes your dog just needs a little help. Give him a boost with this innovative support harness. The Lift & Lead Harness has contoured back and chest supports that are lined with fleece for your dog’s comfort. You can help him into the car, onto the bed or up the stairs. Ideal for an elderly dog or one with hip dysplasia, arthritis or other limitations.

  • FEATURES – No Bunching – Padded for Comfort – Integrated Leash – Cutout for Male Dogs – Adjustable for Height – Easy to Use – Soft Corduroy Lining – Includes Stay on Straps – Chest Harness not Included
  • MACHINE WASHABLE AND DRYABLE – The superior quality and durability of the GingerLead are preserved after machine washing and drying. Proudly MADE IN U.S.A.
  • USED IN VETERINARY HOSPITALS – GingerLeads are used by veterinarians throughout the United States. Recommended for recovery from TPLO / cruciate, hip or back surgery, physical therapy, to assist senior dogs suffering from arthritis, degenerative myelopathy or vestibular disease, and disabled pets needing help with mobility or balance.
  • SIZING – Support pad is 5.5″ wide (at the cutout) x 22.5″ long. Sling length adjusts from 38″ – 60″ long. Please measure to ensure the proper fit. The cutout in the support pad accommodates most medium to giant breed male dogs as well as female dogs.
  • OUR INSPIRATION – The experiences helping our 6-month-old Golden Retriever puppy, Ginger, recover from reconstructive hip surgery for severe hip dysplasia, then knee surgery a few years later, was the inspiration for our patented design. The GingerLead harness was a lifesaver again when Ginger was old and needed help up and downstairs, and out for walks.

Size: Fits chest and supports dogs weighing:

Small 16″-20″ Under 15 lbs

Medium 17″-21″ 15-25 lbs

Large 21″-26″ 25-45 lbs

X-Large 26″-34″ 45-65 lbs

XX-Large 31″-41″ 65-85 lbs

XXX-Large 35″-47″ 85-110 lbs