Puppy Potty Pad Home Training Toilet


Giantex puppy pet grass training pee mat is a perfect solution to pet accident-pee living. Perfect for times when you’re late coming home to let the dog out, or unable to let your pet outside due to illness or bad weather.


Here are some reasons why you should use the Pet Training Grass Pad inside and outside.

There are so many good reasons to teach your puppy to go to the bathroom outside, but that is not always the most practical option.

Particularly during the first few months with a young puppy, the constant trips outside during potty training may be too much of a challenge.

Elderly or mobility-challenged owners may find frequent walks too difficult.

Apartment dwellers without access to a yard may find the trip on the elevator. And out to the boulevard takes longer than their puppies can hold it.

Also, when you don’t have a yard, keep a puppy that is not yet fully vaccinated away from public areas.

If having the toilet area outside is too difficult for successful potty training, then moving the toilet indoors might be the answer.

There are several ways of creating an indoor toilet for your dog. It can be as simple as using an area covered with newspapers or potty pads.

But the cleanest and most hygienic solution is a litter box. You can purchase doggie litter boxes, some even come with artificial turf on the top, or you can simply use a large cat litter box.

Make sure the box has shallow sides, so your dog feels comfortable stepping in and out. You can even cut a small doorway in one of the sides to help smaller puppies.

Ideal for small or medium-sized pets

This Synthetic Grass Pee Turf w/ Drawer is designed to accommodate to potty training needs of puppies, along with the needs of small to medium-sized pets that are unable to make it outside for any reason.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Dogs have the natural instinct to do their business on grass. With this very realistic imitation, you will have little to no training needed for your dog to use it! This portable pet loo with a drawer allows your cat or dog to have an acceptable place to relieve themselves, which ensures a cleaner house, apartment, or patio.