Tuff Pupper Large Dog Shammy Towel

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Absorbent Dog Towel — The ultra-soft, tightly woven microfiber chenille fabric soaks up to 10x more water and mud than standard towels. It holds up to 7x its weight in water for even the soggiest doggy in your family.

The Soggy Doggy Super Shammy is the perfect tool for your drooling or dripping wet dog! This microfiber towel is five times more absorbent than regular towels and is great for quick drying after bath time. Perfectly gentle for use on your dog’s face and snout, the Super Shammy with convenient hand pockets can help stop doggy drool in its tracks and makes drying a breeze!

Absorbent Dog Towel

  • ✅ – PERFECT SIZE — 35×14 inches and a plush 1 inch thick, it’s the perfect-sized towel to dry your pet. It’s suitable for dogs and cats of all different breeds and sizes. One size fits them all.
  • ✅ – EASY TO USE — The dual hand pockets with elastic bands provide better grip to dry your dog’s legs and underbelly while the fabric “noodles” gently massage and wick water from your pooch.
  • ✅ – QUICK DRYING — Dry your dog 8x faster than a typical cotton towel – it’s even faster than using a blow dryer! Plus the odour-resistant towel is skin and fur-friendly so it never gets that “wet doggy” smell.
  • ✅ – DURABLE — Easy to launder by using your washing machine on a delicate cycle and hanging to dry. Our towel is guaranteed to last. We offer a replacement towel or a full refund within the first year of purchase for any defects.