Choosing the right shampoo for your dog’s coat, scan the dog show ring, or simply watch pets strut down the street in your neighborhood. You will realize what a wide variety of coats dogs have. Long, short, thick, thin, corded, double-coated — and the list goes on.

Even dog breeds known to have minimal grooming needs have coats that need to be kept clean and healthy. How often you wash and shampoo your dog will depend on the breed and of the dog coat’s specific needs. But when the Dr. Amenda J. Mayfield, Vetericyn’s Technical Services Veterinarian, is to provide a more thorough clean and rinse.

Meanwhile, the medicated formula is designed to relieve flaking, drying, itching, and other skin ailments, and works with all coat types.

For Thin Dog Coats What’s Right Shampoo for Your Dog’s Coat

Dogs with a fine or thin fur or hair have a low-density coat. For example, this would include ChihuahuasBasenjis, and Vizslas. In this category, dogs have a single-layered coat (no thick undercoat), and in some cases, it’s easy to see their skin through the layer.

Specific breeds with thin coats may be more sensitive to hot and cold environments. So it makes sense that they would need a shampoo that’s designed for their beautiful coats, too. Often, single-coated dogs do not need to be bath frequently as other breeds with thicker layers.

But when they do, a formula that will condition their skin and coat, repel dust and dirt. And leave the dog clean and shiny without any residue is the optimal choice.

Medium Dog Coats What’s Right Shampoo for Your Dog’s Coat

Breeds that have medium-density coats include the PoodleRottweiler, and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Some of these dogs may have an undercoat. But for the most part, you would describe their coat as “normal to medium.” Not too thick, not too thin — these are the coats that need a shampoo that is just right!

A more robust formula than the one you’d use for thin-coated dogs will ensure you get a nice lather on a moderate coat — and a thorough rinse.

What’s Right Shampoo for Your Dog’s Coat For Dense Dog Coats 

The thick and fluffy breeds, and those with double coats, have a lot of layers to so they typically require frequent grooming with shampoo products that can penetrate easily through all that hair or fur but still rinse thoroughly.

Breeds with high-density coats include Bernese Mountain DogsGerman Shepherd Dogs, and even the petite Pomeranian. A shampoo containing conditioning agents designed explicitly for thick. Full layers will ensure these dogs always look and feel their best.

Whatever texture your dog’s coat, you’ll want to ensure that the shampoo you choose is paraben and dye-free. That formulated to prevent itching and help retain the layer and skin’s healthy essential oils.

Groomer Michelle Drummond, who owns Gloria’s Pet Spa in La Jolla, California, has been grooming dogs for 40 years. And has tried many different dog shampoo formulas over her career. She has tests mostly concentrated shampoos.

But when a client brought in a sample of Vetericyn FoamCare for her to work, she fell in love with the foaming aspect of the product. Because it makes her job quicker and easier.

Vetericyn FoamCare Equine Shampoo





Drummond also likes that FoamCare comes in four different formulas. Which is “helpful because they have so many varieties of coat that they work on,” she says. “It leaves the dogs’ hair manageable, clean and shiny — and it conditions their coat and skin as well.”


An ultra-rich concentrated shampoo for retaining the texture of wire, harsh, and coarse coated breeds.  Non-stripping and gentle while still a powerful texturizer. Isle of Dogs’ signature Primrose Vanilla Cream scent leaves your dog smelling delicious and fresh.

Isle of Dogs Coature No. 33 Coarse Coat Dog Shampoo

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