The Importance of A Dog Bed is that there’s nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than a good night’s sleep. The same is true for dogs, because they sleep between 12 to 18 hours a day, depending on age. So, they need a comfy bed to snooze on just like you do.

Although you might find your pup occasionally snuggled at your side during the night, dogs need to have a bed of their own. Then, even when you’re not there, they can relax in a spot that s dedicated to them. If you don’t let your dog in your bed, it’s even more important for your pooch to have a cozy spot to sleep that isn’t the floor.

The Importance of A Dog Bed

How to choose a Support BedThe Importance of A Dog Bed is that it provides your pup a space that’s not only comfortable but also supportive and soft. Think about how you sleep best. Don’t you feel better on a comfy bed with your head supported by a smooth, cloud-like pillow? There are a variety of features that make for a good dog bed, and they should be review when shopping for one for your furry friend.

 When you think of arthritis, you probably think of old dogs. But the truth is, arthritis doesn’t just affect old dogs. The evaluation that one in five dogs will show signs of arthritis by the time they’re one and that number increases to 80% by the time they’re eight.

So, unfortunately, most of our dogs will experience arthritis during their lifetime. That doesn’t mean they can’t play or exercise anymore; in fact, keeping your arthritic dog fit is the crucial part of keeping them comfortable.

An orthopedic Donut Bed is excellent for any dog, but especially older dogs with deteriorating joints. As your pet ages, they will come to appreciate sleeping on a bed that is both comfortable and supportive.

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs spend, on average, 50% of the day asleep, and another 30% awake but lounging. Sleep is a massive part of your doggo’s life, so he must have a high-quality bed to rest. 

 However, it can be challenging to determine which dog beds are craft to a high standard. 

An orthopedic bed allows pets to enjoy lounging at any angle or position. The circular wall allows your pet to snuggle into the gorge, feeling comforted and supported, but also secure and relaxed.

Some design offers a plush rim that hugs the body and acts as a pillow as well. Its orthopedic features support joint pains allowing them a good night’s sleep. 

A Good Dog Bed Supports Joints

As a dog’s age, they may develop problems like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint issues. To result in this issue, a supportive dog bed is imperative to cushion your dog’s body and provide relief from the pain associated with age-related health problems. A comfy dog bed also supports the joints of developing puppies, too, ensuring a good night’s rest.

Beds like the MyPillow Dog Bed contain unique interlocking fill material that ensures that the mattress provides soft, supportive comfort for your dog’s body, especially the joints. Older dogs with arthritis pain will receive a minimum at night and during naps throughout the day.

Just like people, as dogs get older, their bodies, brains, and behavior change. Some of these changes are easy to spot, like sleeping more, like hearing loss, which might easily overlook. Owners sometimes write off these changes as typical signs of old age. Still, there is a difference between healthy aging and more severe symptoms that warrant a visit to the veterinarian. As your dog’s caregiver, it’s vital for you to monitor all age-related changes and be on the lookout for any that indicate possible health problems.

Good Beds Ensure Better Sleep

Dogs, like people, need good quality sleep to stay healthy. Not only that, but a good night’s rest improves your dog’s memory and can even make your pooch smarter, according to a study published in a 2017 edition of Scientific Reports. That’s because when dogs learn new commands, they tend to do better in repeating those commands when they sleep properly. After all, when pups are well-rested, they have more energy to devote to learning.

Like people, dogs also need a good night’s rest to stay healthy. This is especially important for older dogs and larger breeds who need a bit more sleep than their younger, smaller counterparts. A cozy bed that cushions their bodies encourages pups to go to sleep and to stay asleep throughout the night.

Your Pup Needs a Spot To Relax

A cozy dog bed should be an oasis for your dog, away from the hustle and bustle of your home. Dogs are den animals so they appreciate having a spot where they can relax.

You’ll want to choose a good dog bed that is an appropriate size for your pup. Naturally, large dogs need bigger beds than small ones. The MyPillow Dog Bed comes in three sizes, for small, medium, and large dogs. This ensures that your canine companion has more than enough space to stretch out and snooze. You can even place that bed within your pup’s crate. That way, it gives your pooch a cozy hide-a-way to hang out when they’re feeling stressed

The Importance of A Dog Bed is that they Are Easy To Clean

Dogs can track in a lot of dirt and pests like fleas so it’s important that you can easily clean their dog bed. Look for a good dog bed with a removable cover that you can easily toss in the wash weekly. This helps keep dog hair, dander, and germs to a minimum.

You’ll also want a bed that itself is machi e washable and dryable. This is especially important for older dogs who may have incontinence issues and young pups who are still potty training.

Let’s face it- you love the feel of freshly washed bedding, and so does your dog. Having a clean spot to sleep is important. If the bed itself is simple to care for, it will make it snap to keep fresh for your pup.

Encourage Your Dogs To Sleep In Their Own Bed

Sometimes it’s comforting to have your dog sleep on your bed with you. But often, it can disturb your sleep if your pup is tossing and turning. Or, worse yet, your dog is a large breed who takes up most of your sleeping space.

It’s great to have your pup share your room but it’s best if your pooch has a cozy bed to sleep on away from your own bed. In fact, a study published in the 2017 edition of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings showed that having a dog sleep in your room improves your sleep, but having that pup sleep in the bed with you does not.

The way to make your bed and your own comfy pillows seem less appealing dogs is to get them a cozy bed of their own. With the MyPillow Dog Bed, the special fill adjusts to your dog’s body and sleeping positions, making it a far more tempting spot to sleep. And, that interlocking fill keeps your dog cool and cozy throughout the night.

The Importance of A Dog Bed is that you can even get your pup more than one bed to snooze on. Consider placing several around your home. This encourages your dog to hang out on these beds rather than on your furniture. It also means you’ll clean less dog hair off of your couches and chairs.

With a good dog bed, your dog will sleep more comfortably and generally feel better. Let your pooch settle down for a sweet dream-filled snooze on the cloud-like comfort of the MyPillow Dog Bed. While you’re at it, get a restful night of sleep for yourself with the supportive comfort of a MyPillow for humans.


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