The Best Decorative Dog Crates may be necessary if your dog becomes hyperactive. Also if from time to time your dog has experienced sudden energy bursts. Crate training your dog can be challenging initially, but it works excellent in calming down uneasy dogs and reducing stress levels of both pets and their owners. It can be tricky to provide your dog with a crate if you don’t have a lot of free space. Instead of choosing a basic box, you can opt for a decorative container that serves as a piece of furniture and blends in with your room décor.

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We looked over dozens of decorative dog crates to find the highest quality and suitable for any budget. We took into consideration various factors, such as the size, the nature of materials, design, color, and Amazon ratings.

We’ve identified 5 top-rated decorative dog crates you can get for your furry friend. Boxes can also be a helping hand while traveling with pets, so if you’re planning a trip with your pooch, take a look at our best dog travel crates.

Best Training Dog Crates

When it comes to design and functionality, Unipaws Pet Crate End Table with Cushion stood out as the best choice. This decorative crate features durable hardwood construction, multiple vents for airflow, swing-through door, and a lacquered finish suitable for any décor.

Who Should Buy a Training Dog Crates

Naturally, pet owners need a crate when they decide to start crate training their pets. However, the type of training will also affect the type of crate you need. If you plan on crate training your dog by day. You may want to consider crates that are made of durable and reliable materials. That can handle your dog for more extended periods, mainly if they are excessive chewers. If your dog is only sleeping in it, you can opt for a crate that will function as a pet bed or their leisure area.

Decorative crates serve as a great retreat for your dog while also acting as an accent piece of furniture. However, if your dog likes to chew, be sure to choose a decorative crate made of chew-resistant materials. If you already have a crate and want to give your pet more privacy, but with a nice-looking design on your mind, take a look at our best dog crate covers.

Important Features to Consider

Training Dog Crates should do several things well. Here’s what to consider when choosing the best decorative dog crate for your pooch.

  • Sizing. It’s essential to get the crate of the right size to do a good job. Naturally, this will depend on the size of your dog. If you’re buying a crate for a puppy, one thing to bear in mind. Before making your purchase is that your puppy will grow. So you may need to get your puppy more than one crate until it fully matures. Thus, it might be a good idea to wait for investing in a high-caliber crate. Wait until your dog is fully grown to avoid unnecessary spending.
  • The materials. Crates can be made of different materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. If your dog is an excessive chewer or at the beginning of their crate training, you may want to refrain from buying a wooden crate as they may damage it quickly. If you’ve just started to crate train your dog, metal crates may be more suitable. When it comes to decorative crates, it’s advisable to look for the ones that are made of high-quality wood to increase longevity. Also, it’s good to consider the ones with waterproof floors to protect your own flooring in case of accidents.
  • Practicality and design. Decorative dog crates should be easily incorporated into any room décor. Apart from eye-appealing design, it’s essential to pay attention to how functional and practical a crate is. For example, crates with multiple vents are an excellent choice as they promote airflow and to prevent your dog from feeling trapped while inside. Another good option is to create with removable panels as they make the cleaning process more manageable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a decorative dog crate and training Dog Crates?

A decorative dog crate is different from a basic crate in the sense that its design is made to blend in with your home décor. Besides serving as a private spot for your dog, decorative crates also act as an accent piece of furniture.

Is it OK for a dog to be in a crate all day?

How long you can leave your dog in a crate depends on their age and the length of time they can hold their bladder. Since dogs are more active during the day, your dog’s amount of time in a crate will be shorter than it would be during the night. If you have a less than 14 weeks old puppy, you shouldn’t leave them in a crate longer than 3 hours. Even when they get older, you shouldn’t leave them in a crate longer than 5 hours. It’s essential to pay attention to how long they can hold their bladder and never exceed that time in a crate.

Should my dog sleep in a crate?

Your dog can spend the entire night in the crate provided they don’t need to go to the toilet at some point during the night. If you have a puppy that can’t control their bladder yet, you will have to take him out to the toilet at night.

What should I put in my dog’s crate?

You can put anything you want in your dog’s crate that you think may help them adapt more quickly. You can place their toys or treats. If your dog is sleeping in the crate, you can put a pet bed inside to make it cozier and home-like.

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