Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harnesses


The double-sided Velcro strips that cinch the GingerLead straps together allowing the support pad to stay in place when the handle is released. This can be helpful for owners that prefer to leave the GingerLead on their dog giving them independence while going potty, opening a door.

  • the support pad combines two types of padding, one for cushion and the other to prevent the sling from bunching up.
  • The attached leash may be connected to a collar for speed control, a chest harness for added support.
  • GingerLeads are used at many veterinary hospitals and clinics throughout the U.S.


Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harnesses Improve the quality of life for your aging furry friend with arthritis, vestibular disease, degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, wobblers, or any other debilitating condition causing weakness in your pet’s legs or joints. Help old or disabled dogs or cats with mobility and balance. Assistance up or down steps, into vehicles, walks to the park or out to go potty.

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