Dog Travel Bag Luggage


The Elevated Bowl Stand” [Patent in Progress]

The Unique Dog travel bag has a built-in elevated bowl stand in the front pocket.

  • The 7” height of the elevated bowl stand is for small-to-medium-sized dogs (10lb~55lb).
  • the elevated bowl is adjustable in angle. 
  •  This set includes the Dog luggage Bag
  • First Aid Bag (only the bag),
  • Dog Elevated Bowl Stand, 2X Food Storage Containers, and 2X Dog Stainless Steel Bowls.
  • The travel bag also provides 23L of space (L: 15″ D: 9″ W: 12″).
  • It also comes with two food storage containers (L: 9″ D: 7″ W: 5″).
  • Each container can hold up to 20 cups of your dog’s favorite foods.
  • Both containers are insulated to keep your dog’s food as fresh as possible.
  • “Sturdy Stainless Steel Bowls” 


We designed the first aid kit to conveniently fit in the outside mesh of the travel bag, so you can locate the first aid kit very easily in an emergency situation. The two included food storage containers can each hold up 20 cups of food and the two included stainless steel bowls can each hold up to 1.6cups of food or water.