Snoozer Luxury High Back Console Pet Car Seat



Console pet Car Seat with a High Back is Our most comfortable console car seat for small & medium-sized dogs.

The High-back Console keeps your dog restrained yet comfortable in the car. The high-back keeps your pup from jumping out, and the safety straps secure the seat. The cover and pad are also machine-washable.

The Luxury High-Back Console Dog Car Seat lets your dog or pet sit comfortably upfront with you, even when you have another passenger!

Suitable for dogs up to 20 lbs (use the sizing guide below to find the correct size).

DESCRIPTION console-pet-car-seat

The High-Back pet Car Seat lets your dog sit comfortably up front with you, even when you have another passenger!

Before you make a purchase, please make sure to measure your dog & compare their sitting/sleeping dimensions to the car seat’s interior dimensions. Also, we recommend measuring your car console dimensions and compare to the exterior measurements of the dog car seat.

  • Luxury microsuede cover and pad which are both removable and washable
  • Safety straps
  • Comfortable and durable foam form with non-skid pad
  • It fits on large consoles
SPECS of the console-pet-car-seat

Material: Microsuede cover

Sizing Guide & Product Dimensions (Inside and Outside)

Length Width Height (Front) Weight
Inside – L 17″ 9″ 5″ Dogs up to 12 lbs
Inside – XL 15″ 12″ 5″ Dogs up to 20 lbs
Outside – L 20″ 12″ 7″/12″ back Dogs up to 12 lbs
Outside – XL 18″ 16″ 7″/12″ back Dogs up to 20 lbs


EASY TO CLEAN. No more dirty, smelly dog beds – our microsuede dog beds are stain-resistant, water-repellent, and machine washable, too! Just remove the easy-off zippable cover to wash cold, then hang dry. Easy to keep clean means your dog always has a clean, safe place to sleep, and your home will smell fresher, too.

If you want to be sure your pet can lie down in a particular car seat size, take a piece of newspaper or butcher paper and cut it to the interior dimensions of each seat, available here. For a visual representation, place your pet on each piece of paper and have it lie down. It takes some work, but it’s better to now than to buy the wrong size!