Orthopedic Dog Bed for Sport Utility



  • Engineered with 2-Stage American Made foam construction.
  • Top layer of therapeutic comfort foam.
  • Bottom shock-absorbing layer for protection

FLEXIBLE SIZING. Unique “pillow wings” adapt to the width of your SUV.

  • Dimensions listed are for total width of the bed, including pillow wings.
  • Bed should be wider than SUV so pillows lean against side-walls

EASY TO CLEAN. Machine washable. Hidden zippers extend a full 70% around the foam for lightning-fast cover removal

NO INSTALLATION NEEDED. Easy to take out and put back in. Use as a travel bed or an extra bed at home

MADE IN USA! Includes bonus “extra-grip” non-slip insert!


If your dog spends any time in the back of an SUV – especially if he or she spends extended time on long road trips – then protecting their joints with an expert “shock-absorbing” buffer becomes a matter of prime importance to your dog’s health and wellbeing.

The back of an SUV may be one of the most intense, jarring, and unforgiving surfaces your dog’s hips and elbows will encounter in their entire life. But you can stand guard and ensure their safety if you purchase an official “shock absorber” bed with appropriate padding.

Towels, rugs and comforters – they’d work just fine if they provided true padding. But they don’t. Go ahead and lay on a towel or a blanket… even on the plushest comforter. Very quickly, your elbows and your hips will be aching and sore. Comforters and blankets are made to lay on top of humans – not lay beneath dogs.

Worse… imagine you’re laying on that SUV floor as a friend drives you around at 25mph… 50mph… even 70mph… hitting all manner of unexpected bumps and rough terrain… each throwing you ever so slightly into the air… only for gravity to yank you back down – grinding your poor joints into the floor with over and over.