visibility Pet Harness & Leash


This product is

  •  Adjustable Dog or Cat harnesses



Gauterf is bringing the best Finnish-designed innovations of visibility Pet Harness and Leash to Mias Premium Pet Products! This Dog Visibility Harness is the perfect essential to make sure your dog is stylish and safe on nighttime walks.

Suitable for small to medium dogs


The Gauterf visibility Pet Harness and Leash is made with all-over reflective material that ensures your dog will stay safe on nighttime walks. The quick-release side buckle and soft materials make this harness just as secure as it is stylish!

  • Highly reflective for low-light conditions
  • Adjustable girth
  • Quick-release side buckle for easy dressing
  • Comfortable fit and soft materials

To determine the correct size measure your dog’s collar circumference at the base of the neck and girth behind the front legs (at least two to three fingers width from the front leg).

Choose visibility Pet Harness and Leash size based on neck circumference. The girth strap has plenty of adjustment, so it’s the neck and overall fit that will determine the size.

Make sure the neck part sits at the base of the neck. Not too high, where it feels uncomfortable and chokes. Not too low, as then the chest part fabric goes over the shoulder joint and restricts shoulder extension.

The girth strap should be placed behind the front legs so that there’s enough room for shoulder flexion and the strap will not rub the delicate armpit area.

This product is a reflective strip and is made of High-quality soft mesh, comfortable and breathable.

3M reflective strip design for cat or dog harness strip the design makes it visible in low light conditions, Improves safety when walking at night.