Wave Rider’s Dog Life Jacket


  • Simple, streamlined design. Better fit, less resistance.
  • It is lined with thick pearl Cotton Foam, high floatation.
  • Concealed buckles, less strap, more safety
  • Outdoor reflective fabrics, Green material, non-toxic and tasteless waterproof, and wear-resisting.
  • High-class Velcro, no hair sticking, safe to skin and hands.


The dog life jacket is functional equipment designed for dogs when they enjoy the time with people swimming, surfing, kayaking, boating, and so on.
With its great floatation, this life jacket is an excellent assistant to dogs swimming, and also a safety guarantee in water.
Full sizes are available for most dog breeds.



  •  The dog life jacket is made of abrasion-resistant oxford fabric, ripstop and durable. The inside is filled with a high-quality pearl sponge. This provides the dog with good floatage and protects the dog’s safety in the water.


High-density foam padding provides great buoyancy in water without restricting your dog’s movement. The neoprene belly band supports their chest and belly. Strong, firmly stitched handle on top for quick and easy grabbing when faced with an emergency. Durable metal D-ring on the back for leash attachment gives better control for your pet.


  • It is lightweight and comfortable, keeping the doggy moving freely without restrictions. The pet swimsuit features a strong sticker strap and flexible buckle, easy to put on and take off. This double secure also avoids the life jacket from falling off when pets are swimming. With an adjustable chest & abdomen belt, you can adjust the size and tightness that fit your dog perfectly.



  • Designed with bright colours and reflective trims to provide better visibility while swimming. The dog swimwear can always keep your pet head afloat above the water and relieve dogs’ anxiety when they first swim. It’s perfect equipment for Pet water activities.  Can be used when kayaking, boating, swimming, surfing, rafting, and other water sports. Fits for beach, pool, lake, ocean, etc.



Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Whether your dog is short and stout or long and lanky, there’s a dog life jacket fit for them. Available in sizes M-XL and featuring adjustable straps. We’ve made it easy for you to choose a size that supports them based on their girth measurement.

  • We recommend sizing up if the dog’s girth size is on the higher end of this size.

Medium and small sizes are suitable for slender and thin dogs.
If the dog’s body is relatively wide, it is recommended to choose a larger size.
Please refer to the size chart before purchase to choose a fit bust range.
Choose the right size mainly considering the dog’s bust range. Adjustable neck circumference is a secondary consideration.